How to choose the right air filter?

Author: Wines ChinaAddTime: 2017/5/2 9:28:20

Mini peated HEPA filter is quite different with pleated HEPA filter, HEPA filter is mainly used to capture dust particles of 0.5um or below, it is composed of filter media and frame, different filter made of different material. HEPA filter with separator are called as pleated HEPA filter, another is mini pleated HEPA filter, which separated with wirelike separator instead of ordinary separator.

1. Choose the necessary air filter
Different company has different requirement for air cleanliness, we suggest to choose the primary efficiency air filter or medium efficiency air filters according the efficiency of terminal HEPA filter, if the previous filter efficiency is quite different with the next one, then the previous filter can’t protect the next one.
Generally speaking, we suggest to install a air filter every 2-4 sections, for example, install like G2-F5-H8.

2. Filter media area should be as large as possible
Larger filter media will make the pre filter/secondary filter a longer life, 50% increased in filter media area may 70%-80% prolong the pre filter/secondary filter under the certain final resistance. The larger the filter media area, the higher dust holding capacity and lower resistance.

Above are just some simple points of choosing the right air filters, which we still suggest you to choose it according to your actual requirement, Changyuan Technology Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional air filter manufacturer, our products are meet with China GMP, USA FDA and EU-GMP standards, contact us for more details if you are interested in it.